Four killed,five injured in Il-76 plane crash near  Russian city of Ryazan
24 June 2022 12:10

Four killed,five injured in Il-76 plane crash near Russian city of Ryazan

MOSCOW, June 24. /TASS/. Four people were killed and five injured in Friday’s Il-76 plane crash near the Central Russian city of Ryazan, the regional government’s crisis response team said, TASS reported.

«The crisis response team of the regional government informs that, according to preliminary information, four people were killed when a plane crashed near the Mikhailovskoye highway in the city of Ryazan,» the team said in a statement.

«Five people have been admitted to hospitals with injuries of varying degrees. They are receiving all necessary medical assistance. The injured are in a stable condition. The information will be verified,» the team wrote in its Telegram channel.

Earlier, an emergencies source has told TASS the number of people killed in Friday’s crash has risen to four, according to preliminary information.

«The plane crashed after one of its engines suddenly caught fire. According to early reports, four died and five were hospitalized,» the source said.

The plane was en route from the Western Russian city of Belgorod to the southern Urals city of Orenburg and landed at Ryazan’s Dyagilevo airfield for refueling, he added.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday its Il-76 military transport plane crash-landed in the Ryazan region due to an engine problem. The malfunction occurred when the plane was performing a training flight with no cargo on board, and the crew decided to perform an off-runway landing. The plane partially disintegrated upon impact.

Injured crew members have been rushed to hospitals, the ministry said.

Earlier, the press service of the Russian emergencies ministry’s Ryazan Region department said the plane crashed at approximately 3:00 Moscow time. A fire broke out at the crash site, but was promptly extinguished.

A TASS correspondent reported from the scene that the plane crashed on a field in the immediate vicinity of several houses. No open fire is seen at the moment. The wreckage is now being damped down. The territory has been cordoned off.

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