Foggy, windy weather forecast in Kazakhstan Nov 19
19 November 2018 07:43

Foggy, windy weather forecast in Kazakhstan Nov 19

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Weather without precipitation is forecast for most regions of Kazakhstan on November 19. Snowfall is expected in northern, central, eastern and south-western parts. Fog and black ice and gusting wind are forecast in some areas.

Fog will blanket parts of Akmola region. Black ice and snow drift and gusting wind up to 15-20mps are forecast as well.

Gusts of wind in the area of Zhalanashkol will increase to 15-20mps with fog to descend in the morning and at night.

Fog and strong wind are expected in some areas of Zhambyl region.

Black ice and foggy weather are predicted for Kostanay and North Kazakhstan regions.

Drifting snow will hit Pavlodar region.

Fog will cover Pavlodar and Karaganda regions.

Snowstorm, fog and strong wind up to 15-20mps are expected in East Kazakhstan region.

Wind speed in Turkestan region will rise to 15-20mps.