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First Eurasian sports science congress begins in Tabriz

11 October 2018 15:45 151
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First Eurasian sports science congress begins in Tabriz

TABRIZ. KAZINFORM The first two-day international Eurasian sports congress with the participation of domestic and foreign experts from 15 countries began at Tabriz University on Wednesday.

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The Eurasian Sports Science Congress (ESSU) is an international non-profit organization were established in Ankara, Turkey, in 2017 with the participation of 15 Asian and European countries, including Turkey, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Slovakia, Cyprus and Ukraine, IRNA reports.

The first Eurasian Congress of Sport Sciences is held in Tabriz due to the selection of Tabriz as the capital of Islamic countries.

The Secretary of the International Eurasian Congress on Sport Sciences Saeed Nikokheslat called the goal of holding this congress for increasing international communications saying that the congress will be organized in four areas of sport physiology, sports management, exercise behavior and sports medicine.

Nikokheslat continued, 'This Congress, while promoting the scientific level of sport in the community and spreading it among the general public, brings many talents, including scientific communication and tourism, to the country.'

He announced the presence of prominent foreign and domestic professors and students from universities throughout the country, adding that 600 papers have been submitted to the secretariat of the Congress, with 80 other articles.

Nikokheslat added, 'Of these, 50 papers were accepted, some of which will be presented in five minutes.'


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