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February 1. Today's Birthdays

Adlet Seilkhanov
1 February 2023, 08:00

February 1. Today's Birthdays

ASTANA. KAZINFORM. Today's Birthdays is the one-stop shop where you can learn about prominent Kazakhstani people who were born on the 1st February.



Saken Zhunusov (1934-2006)– Kazakh writer and playwright, people’s writer, winner of the KazakhSSR State Prize.

Zhunusov worked as a literary employee in Pioner magazine, headed the literature department of the Auezov Kazakh State Academic Theatre, teacher at the Kustanai Pedagogical Institute, employee in Kazakh adebieti paper, director of the Kazakh branch of the USSR Literature Fund, Secretary of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan. Zhunusov embarked on his creative career in 1992.

Throughout his creative work, Zhunusov wrote novels, short story collections, and 17 plays. Akhan seri dilogy about the prominent Kazakh akyn of the 19th century (Akhan seri) including vivid pictures of social life, life and customs of Kazakh nomads in the second half of the 19th century became his best work.


Altynbek Korazbayev (1948)– Kazakh composer, singer, teacher, people’s artist, winner of the State Prize of Kazakhstan.

Born in Zhambyl region, he graduated from the Dzhambul Cultural and Educational College, Kurmangazy National Conservatory. He headed the Zhambyl Regional Philharmonic, where he created the vocal and dance ensemble Alatau, which is popular within the country and beyond.

Korazbayev is the author of many popular songs.


Taufik Karimov (1958) – deputy chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

Born in Guryev city, he is a graduate of the Guryev Pedagogical Institute, Institute of Political Science and Management, Institute of Oil and Gas.

He took up his current post in April 2022.


Saltanat Baikoshkarova (1960) – founder and head of the first Kazakh IVF lab at Ecomed medical center.

Born in Zhambyl region, Baikoshkarova graduated from the Kirov Kazakh State University, took an internship at the Russia-US Reproduction and Genetics Center in Adler, Moscow Infertility Center EKO, Russia’s Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, Bonn University Hospital, Tel Aviv University Hospital.


Berik Berkimbayev (1980) – Deputy Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs of Kazakhstan.

He graduated the Kazakh State Law Academy as well as University of Sheffield under Bolashak scholarship.

He was appointed to his current post in January 2022.


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