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Expert: Nazarbayev's reforms to pledge for great success

25 March 2017 11:09
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Expert: Nazarbayev's reforms to pledge for great success

ASTANA. KAZINFORM The reforms of Nursultan Nazarbayev are the pledge for a great success, President of the Prussian Society, Berlin-Brandenburg, Volker Tschapke thinks.

"As I studied intensively and in detail the plan of President Nazarbayev's reforms and tasks he entrusted the Government with, I came to conclusion that these strategic documents intend to finally achieve the state's strategic goal, i.e. to ensure long-term development of Kazakhstan by strengthening democratic gains, supporting education, modernizing national economy and growth of people's wealth. It is very important in globalization the humanity faces now and in future", Tschapke said.

The expert compared Nazarbaev's reforms to the reforms put in in social, educational, legislative and defense areas by prominent representatives of German people, such as the founder of Prussian State and the first Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in particular.

"We can draw comparisons to the reforms Prussian ministers Stein and Hardenberg implemented in German public administration system, private entrepreneurship support and development of agricultural sector of Germany of those days. The Agenda 2010 reforms initiated in early 2000 by the former Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder now have positive results. In general, I see a high potential and success of the reforms suggested by Kazakh President since they are the pledge for statehood. And I wish well-being and prosperity to Kazakhstan", Volker Tschapke concluded.

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