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Euronews airs videos about Burabay, Shymbulak resorts

12 September 2018 13:36
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Euronews airs videos about Burabay, Shymbulak resorts

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Watching exuberant videos under "Travel" category, Euronews viewers can fully realize how attractive the resorts of Kazakhstan are, Kazinform reports with reference to Euronews.

"Burabay National Park takes its name from the lake and the town nearby. It is the epitome of wild nature: A mosaic of hills, steppes, forests and lakes that stretches out for 835 square kilometers. The Burabay National Park is the favorite destination for people coming from Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, with many heading there to spend weekends and short vacations," Euronews journalist Marta Brambilla Pisoni says.

There are numerous fun activities, but the best way to enjoy this wild nature is on horseback. Yerzhan Ilyasov takes tourists horse riding with his young son, Alan, and tells Euronews that anyone can ride a horse after a short explanation lasting just 10 minutes.

The Shymbulak ski resort, not far from the city of Almaty, also grabbed the attention of the European journalists, who noted that "in the summer season, the mountains turn into a paradise for lovers of hiking and mountain biking. At an altitude of 3,200 metres, it is the winter sports kingdom from December to April.".

The video about hunting with a golden eagle is also popular among the viewers.

"The golden eagle of the steppe is the symbol of Kazakhstan. It also treads on its flag, as a tribute to the ancient empire of Genghis Khan, who ruled Kazakhstan and had as its banner a blue flag with an eagle in the middle. Hunting with eagles is a traditional form of falconry found throughout the Eurasian steppe and is a very ancient tradition in Kazakhstan," the narrator says.

Vladimir Zemblevskiy, a falconer who has been working with birds for 40 years and Executive Director of Burkut Kyran Federation of Kazakh National Sports, showed the journalists how a hunt takes place with the eagle in the steppe, not far from the capital Astana. Vladimir works with Saddaq, a 5-year-old male eagle with a two-and-a-half meter wingspan.

"Man cannot teach anything to the eagle. Man can just learn from the eagle. I learn something new from the eagle every day," Vladimir Zemblevskiy told Euronews.

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