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EU project shares Estonian experience with housing experts from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

6 October 2022, 10:14
EU project shares Estonian experience with housing experts from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

TALLINN. KAZINFORM 20 experts from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan took part in an study tour to Tallinn from 27 September to 01 October to exchange experience in the field of housing management.

The participants of the study tour were introduced to energy modernisation policies for residential buildings and financial support programmes for homeowners' associations, presented by representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia, the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency EAS and KredEx. They also studied an innovative example of modernisation of industrially built housing ‒ the comprehensive energy refurbishment of a Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) student dormitory, built in 1986 according to Soviet building standards, into a near-zero energy building (using prefabricated insulation elements ‒ according to the Energiesprong principle). TalTech also shared its experience with housing manager training and educational programmes, the Press and information team of the EU Delegation to KAZAKHSTAN reads.

During the tour the International Lobbying Seminar on the interests of professional communities, associations of housing managers and service companies took place. Representatives of associations from 7 countries ‒ Belarus, Estonia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Ukraine and Uzbekistan ‒ actively participated in the discussion on how to represent the interests of professional building managers effectively, how modern challenges to the profession should be addressed ‒ training in energy efficiency in buildings, digitalisation of the housing sector.


Right: Hannamari Seli, M. Sc., Manager of Green Building, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Left: Ludmila Belan, translator.

Knut Höller, Executive Member of the Board, IWO, Berlin, Germany:

«In line with the EU commitments under the European Green Deal and the EU Strategy on Central Asia, within the PROMHOUSE project we are developing an international network of housing partners to exchange experiences in the important area of human habitation, with a focus on the current challenge of energy modernisation of housing stock.»

The study tour was organised within the framework of the European Union (EU) funded project «Promoting professional housing management in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan» (PROMHOUSE) to learn about the experience of housing management ‒ training, professional development, certification of housing management and service professionals as well as energy modernisation of the housing stock and the role of housing managers in this process.

PROMHOUSE is funded by the European Union, total budget: € 962,898, EU contribution: € 866,609. The project is implemented by Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO), Germany - Coordinator; Association of the organizations of professionally managing and serving housing funds, Uzbekistan; Association «Shanyrak» of management entities, services and energy service in housing sector, Kazakhstan. Project duration: 01/2020–06/2023.

The project is aimed at introducing vocational education and training of housing managers at colleges and sectoral organisations in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In developing professional standards and curricula for colleges, EU standards on real estate management are being studied and implemented, and innovative topics are introduced into the curriculum: energy efficiency, energy modernisation of buildings, digitalisation in housing. The project activities aim to develop organisational, institutional and professional capacities of business intermediary organisations (BIOs) to empower them to strengthen private companies engaged in the sector of housing management.


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