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Environmental event to plant ash trees held in Almaty region

Nurmaganbetova Zhanna
31 March 2023, 11:35

Environmental event to plant ash trees held in Almaty region Photo:

ALMATY. KAZINFORM To mark the International Day of Forests the United National Development Programme in Kazakhstan organized an environmental event to plant rare ash trees called «Shagan agashyndy otyrgyz» («Plant your ash tree»).

More than 2,000 saplings of Sogdian ash were planted on the territory of Karadala Forestry in Almaty region, Kazinform cites the UNDP Kazakhstan official website.

Forests are an important part of the ecosystem and crucial for biodiversity. They are home to most plant and animal species, many of which are threatened with extinction. Forests also play an important role in combating climate change, absorbing 7.6 billion tons of CO2 per year. However, deforestation and frequent fires release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, increasing the average annual temperature on Earth.

«Nature-based solutions such as sustainable land management practices provide many benefits, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity, and increasing the resilience of ecosystems and communities. In line with the goals of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), UNDP is systematically supporting the Government of Kazakhstan in developing sustainable agriculture and forestry, establishing nurseries for the cultivation of valuable tree species, restoring degraded areas, reviving old tree species, and introducing new technologies for growing forest crops,» said Sukhrob Khojimatov, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Kazakhstan.

In nature Relict Sogdian Ash grows only in the floodplains of the Sharyn and Temirlik rivers in the Almaty region with a total area of 2,600 hectares. It is not found in other parts of the world.

«Today in Kazakhstan there is a positive trend of reforestation to ensure the stability of natural ecosystems. As of 1 January 2023, forests occupy five percent of the country's territory, and their area is 13.6 million hectares. Millions of seedlings of valuable tree species will be planted in the country, hundreds of tons of seeds will be collected,» said Madi Nurpeisov, Head of the Forestry Development Department, Forestry and Wildlife Committee, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan.

«The total area of the Almaty Region State Forest Fund is 3.2 million hectares, of which 1.6 million hectares are forested. In accordance with the»Comprehensive plan for reproduction of forests and increase in the volume of afforestation of Almaty region for 2021-2025«, 50.3 million trees are planted and raised on an area of 23,400 hectares. This year 3,608 hectares were planted and sown on the territory of the Forest Fund. After the implementation of the planned works, the forest cover of the territory of the region will increase from 14.9 percent to 15.2 percent,» said Rauan Rakymbekov, Deputy Akim of Almaty Region.

Under a joint project of the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan and with the financial support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), Kazakhstan is working to improve its conservation system and forest resources management, prevent the loss and degradation of forests of high conservation importance and associated ecosystems and biodiversity within the network of specially protected natural areas (PAs) of Kazakhstan.

Special attention is paid to the development of a network of protected areas, strengthening of the material and technical base, and training of staff in modern technologies use that enable monitoring of protected areas and planning of environmental activities.

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