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10 January 2010 19:58
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Dauletbay Satyuly (1702-1762) was a Kazakh batyr from Naiman stem who fought against Hungarians, the second cousin of Karakerey Kabanbay.

He took part in fights on Ili, Balkhash, Karatal headed by Kabanbay batyr.

There is a folk legend that before his death Kabanbay Batyr presented his wartime banner to his close friend Dauletbay.

Naimans finally expelled Hungarians under the leadership of Dauletbay.

After that event Dauletbay lived at the Coast of Kandysu River in Tarbagatay municipality. His stem consists of seven sub-stems according to the number of his sons.

His 300th anniversary was marked in 2002 at his native alnd - Tarbagatay municipality of East-Kazakhstan Oblast.

Bozshinsk secondary school in Manyrak district of Tarbagatay municipality in East-Kazakhstan Oblast received the name of Dauletbay Batyr.

Source: K. Seisebayev. Naimans. - Rudny Altay, 1998.

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