Dariga Nazarbayeva takes part in 2019 CIS IPA meeting
18 April 2019 17:45

Dariga Nazarbayeva takes part in 2019 CIS IPA meeting

SAINT PETERSBURG. KAZINFORM A delegation of Kazakhstani parliamentarians headed by Senate Speaker Dariga Nazarbayeva is participating in the meeting of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in Saint Petersburg.

Taking the floor at the Conference on Countering International Terrorism, the Senate Speaker said that international terrorism had been one of the most pressing problems of the modern world.

"Terrorism causes mayhem and leads to a degradation of economic and social life. The global security threat brings uncontrolled migration - people free from poverty and wars. This, in turn, creates new problems in developed countries which seemed to be stable and protected," said Dariga Nazarbayeva.
The Senate Speaker stressed that the entire global community should be involved in fight with terrorism.

She stressed that Kazakhstan actively stood for central coordinating role of the UN in countering terrorism. The struggle against terrorism has become one of seven priorities of Kazakhstan in the UN Security Council in 2017-2018. The world community widely backed the initiative of Nursultan Nazarbayev to establish the Global Counter-Terrorism Coalition under the UN aegis.

"We are confident that the global community needs new approaches and solutions in order to neutralize terrorism and religious extremism. These approaches must be based on the principles of a broad dialogue as a single way of achievement of unity in fight for peace and security," Dariga Nazarbayeva highlighted.

Addressing the participants, she noted that new challenges required active interaction at the level of national parliaments and inter-parliamentary organizations. The harmonization of national legislations is an important factor of countering terrorism, she added.

The conference discussed the role of international institutions in countering terrorism, prevention of use of network technologies in dissemination of extremist ideas, improvement of legislation in persecution of terrorists and prevention of terrorism financing.

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