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Daesh views CA as a miltants recruitment field - Karin

2 March 2016 11:49
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Daesh views CA as a miltants recruitment field - Karin

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Daesh views Central Asia and Kazakhstan as a place of recruitment of new miltants. Director of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies Erlan Karin said at an international conference on regional security.

“It is important to understand that Central Asia is not a priority area of global radical structures yet. Both Al-Qaeda and ISIS view this region as a field of recruitment of new members. The region has not noticed any serious activity of these radical groups in its territory,” said he.

Those incidents or events attached to the ISIS (Daesh) or Al-Qaeda, to the most extent, are the speculations or interpretation of mass media and experts. Karin does not rule out that Central Asian countries may face more serious agitation from the side of these organizations.

“We must prevent underestimation and overestimation of the level of this threat. I think this should be taken into account by experts,” KazISS Director added.

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