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CSTO to work at building collective air defense system in CA

21 February 2012 17:57
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CSTO to work at building  collective air defense system in CA

MOSCOW. February 21. KAZINFORM "The CSTO priorities for 2012 presuppose prospects for the development of the air defense collective system in the Central Asian region," CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha told the Astana-Yerevan-Kiev-Chisinau video conference.

"This year the CSTO member countries will work at speeding up the procedure of ratification of the agreements, adopted at the Summit of the CSTO Leaders held last December in Moscow, concerning the tasks the CSTO facing now, including information security, military and technical cooperation issues."

"Kazakhstan, as the current CSTO chair country , takes, as always, the well-considered steps to promote the priorities Nursultan Nazarbayev announced at the Moscow Summit, he said. The priorities concern information security, information counteraction, implementation of the CSTO collective rapid response force development programs, and issues on the collective air defense system building in Central Asia."

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Zhanna Nurmaganbetova

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