Creepy ‘Alien’ slug found in Kostanay region (PHOTO)
15 January 2016 09:45

Creepy ‘Alien’ slug found in Kostanay region (PHOTO)

KOSTANAY. KAZINFORM - "Alien" slug has been found in Baganaly village of Kostanay region, Kazinform has learnt from "Express K" newspaper.

A giant egg with the unknown creature inside was found by a coal heaver who works at a local school. "It was hairy and looked like a monster from "Alien" movie. The monster had two rows of teeth. Moreover, the egg was the size of a soccer ball. This was not a worm or parasite known to science because they do not breed eggs. In my opinion, it was a reptile. And very terrible one!" said Serik Ibrayev, veterinar of Baganaly village.

The vet also said that Baganaly is surrounded by dense forest. There is a school for primary school students. The village has a population of 1660 people.

The principal of the school Kairat Kaydaulov confirmed that the furnace stoker found a dark cocoon in a coal pile.
"...He hit the egg with a shovel and it broke down. Then a creepy creature got out of it. It was gray. It is nested inside a coal pile. We are supplied with Maikuben coal. I think the alien has previously stayed at a depth of 300 meters under the ground. We did not kill the creature. About 6 hours later the monster died. We have frozen the corpse. We hope to convey the monster's corpse to scientist for the study. It is worth noting that the alien had no odor," said Kairat Kaydaulov.

NOTE: Maikuben coal basin is being developed since 1825. English concessionaires were the first to get the coal from under the ground. Relic creature could be brought to the Earth by a prehistoric meteorite. If the egg was inside a coalbed, its age is at least 50-30 million.