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Creative evening of Abai and al-Farabi held in Ulaanbaatar

5 October 2020 21:25
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Creative evening of Abai and al-Farabi held in Ulaanbaatar

ULAANBAATAR. KAZINFORM - On October 2, 2020, in Ulaanbaatar, the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Mongolia organised the «Creative Evening of Abai and al-Farabi» devoted to the 175th Anniversary of the great poet-educator Abai and the 1150th Anniversary of the outstanding philosopher Abu Nasr al-Farabi, Kazinform has learnt from the Kazakh MFA's press service.

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The leadership of the Executive Agency under the Government of Mongolia for Culture and Art, the author of the book «Abai’s Book of Words» translated into Mongolian, representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Foreign Affairs, Education and Science, local mass media and prominent figures of the Kazakh Diaspora took part in the event as honored guests.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Zh.Adilbayev noted that the greatest merit of these two thinkers is that they expressed in their works the concepts of the development of society and the idea of ​​universal human value, based on the ideas of enlightenment and morality. In addition, the Head of the State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev wrote in his article «Abai and the XXI century» that we should pay a special attention to the heritage of the great poet and philosopher, which our people need for further spiritual development.

«Despite the fact that they lived in different centuries, they have largely similar views and opinions. They are great personalities of the great steppe», - noted the Kazakh diplomat.

«Abai and al-Farabi are a reflection of the culture of the steppe people – Kazakhs. Between these two great thinkers lies almost a whole millennium. However, their worldview and works have much in common, as if they lived at the same time», - said Ts.Natsagdolgor, Head of the Executive Agency under the Government of Mongolia for Culture and Art, in her speech.

During the events, there was held a presentation of the book «Abai’s Book of Words» (Сургаалууд) translated into Mongolian. The author of the book, Sultan Taukeyuly, a diplomat, professor, historian, writer and translator, emphasized that the heritage of Abai is a spiritual wealth that has absorbed all the wisdom of the Kazakh people accumulated over the centuries. His works are immortal, over time they become more and more relevant and serve as the guidelines for social, cultural and spiritual life.

Also, reports on the life and work of Abai were featured by the famous Abai scholars of the Kazakh diaspora of Mongolia as T.Etekbay and A.Zhambyl.

In addition, during the event, Abai's works, such as «Zhelsiz tunde zharyk-ai» and «Aittym salem kalamkas» on the Mongolian folk instrument «Morin Khuur» were performed. Also, the talented youth of the Kazakh diaspora performed the well-loved musical works «Kuzimnin Karasy» and «Segiz ayak» as well as read the poems, words of edification of Abai.

Along with this, a photo exhibitions and book exhibitions devoted to Abai and al-Farabi were organized during the event.

At the end of the event, the guests were offered to watch documentaries about the life and works of the great thinkers Abay and al-Farabi.

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