COVID: 20 mn Italians have had booster jab, ANSA
5 January 2022 14:41

COVID: 20 mn Italians have had booster jab, ANSA

ROME. KAZINFORM Some 20 million Italians have had their third, booster jab of vaccine against COVID-19, the government said Tuesday.

The exact number is 20,410,468, ANSA reports.

That amounts to 65.84% of the population eligible for boosters.

First jabs are showing no sign of letting up, also, the government website said.

Some 54,645 first doses were administered on Monday alone.

The rate of vaccine uptake has increased as the unvaccinated have become more penalised thanks to the imposition of the Super Green Pass COVID health certificate in many walks of life.

This pass will soon become obligatory for all workers, officials have said.

Anti-vaxxers are chafing at the imposition which they have likened to apartheid in South Africa or the Nazi persecution of the Jews.

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