COVID-19: 'Super Green Pass' system kicks in
6 December 2021 21:17

COVID-19: 'Super Green Pass' system kicks in

ROME. KAZINFORM The government's Super Green Pass' system, which excludes people who are not vaccinated for COVID-19 from many social, cultural and leisure activities, kicks in Monday and is set to remain in force until January 15.

The 'Super Green Pass' is only granted to the vaccinated and those who have recovered from the coronavirus in the last six months, ANSA reports.

As of Monday it is needed to access cinemas, theatres and sporting venues and to sit at tables in bars and restaurants.

However, the 'ordinary' Green Pass remains sufficient to access places of work.

The ordinary Green Pass can be obtained with a negative COVID-19 test but it is only valid for a few days.

Furthermore, the base Green Pass also needed to use local public transport as of Monday - it was already obligatory for inter-regional travel on trains and for domestic flights.

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