COVID-19: State of emergency in Brazil ends
24 May 2022 12:32

COVID-19: State of emergency in Brazil ends

BRASILIA. KAZINFORM - The state of Public Health Emergency of National Importance, declared as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil, came to an end Sunday (May 22). A decree was signed by Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga on April 22, introducing a 30-day deadline for states and municipalities to adapt, Agencia Brasil reports.

The move was based on the improved epidemiological landscape and the progress of the vaccination campaign in the country. Despite the measure, no public health policy will be interrupted, the ministry declared. The government is reported to have dedicated nearly BRL 34.3 billion to the purchase of some 650 million shots against COVID-19.

«As a result of the vaccination, Brazil is witnessing a plunge of over 80 percent in the moving average of cases and deaths from COVID-19 from the peak of cases originating from the Omicron variant earlier this year. The epidemiological criteria, according to the understanding of the ministry’s technical staff, indicate that the country is no longer in a situation of national public health emergency,» said the Ministry in a statement.

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