COVID-19 quarantine rules remains in effect in Kazakh capital

Zhanna Nurmaganbetova
19 January 2022, 15:19

COVID-19 quarantine rules remains in effect in Kazakh capital

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM The health situation in the Kazakh capital remains tense. Over the past 24 hours there were recorded 4,871 cases, including 1,074 symptomatic, and 3,800 asymptomatic.

Since early January there were confirmed 44,923 cases that is 16 times more against 2,737 detected last December, the Telegram Channel of the Interdepartmental Commission for preventing coronavirus spread reads.

The sanitary and epidemiological control committee said that people do not wear face masks, do not observe social distancing, neglect vaccination that led to unfavorable coronavirus situation in the Kazakh capital and faster spread of Omicron strain that is 70 times more contagious than Delta. The spread coefficient is 1 to 5. The record daily cases were reported on January 15 up to 5,826.

On January 12 the chief sanitary doctor decreed to toughen restrictive and quarantine measures. It bans any mass events outdoors as well as indoors. Concert halls, philharmonic halls, theatres, circuses, cinemas, night clubs have suspended their operations.

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