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COVID-19 mortality rate drops 16% in past week, says WHO

23 June 2022 18:45

GENEVA. KAZINFORM - More than 3.36 million people have been infected with novel coronavirus worldwide over the past week, over 7,500 patients died, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Wednesday, TASS reports.

COVID-19 death and case rates have decreased by 16% and 4% respectively, compared with the previous seven days, the WHO added.

«Globally, the number of new weekly cases has continued to decline since the peak in January 2022,» the weekly epidemiological update on COVID-19 reads.

As compared to the previous week (June 6-12), a 4% decrease in cases and a 16% decline in new weekly deaths was recorded. The WHO was informed about 3,360,453 new cases and 7,592 deaths.

The most significant decline in the number of cases was reported in Africa (down 21%) as compared to the previous week. However, a noticeable spike in cases was recorded in Southeast Asia (up 46%) and the Eastern Mediterranean (up 45%). A higher mortality rate was documented in Southeast Asia (up 4%), whereas it dropped drastically in Europe (down 26%) and Africa (down 24%).

The United States accounted for the biggest number of cases in the past seven days (652,217), followed by China (406,401), Germany (356,414), Brazil (256,034) and France (253,322). The US also accounted for the highest number of deaths (1,858) in the past seven days, followed by China (1,044), Brazil (956), Russia (443) and Italy (338), the newsletter said.

As of June 21, the WHO cumulative global statistics indicated 537,591,764 cases and 6,319,395 deaths worldwide.

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