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COVID-19 cases drop 33 times in March in Kazakhstan

18 March 2022, 16:15
COVID-19 cases drop 33 times in March in Kazakhstan

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - Kazakhstan saw COVID-19 cases drop 33 times from 73,119 to 2,217 in March compared to February. The R number stands at 0.77, Kazakh Health Minister Azhar Giniyat said during a briefing, Kazinform correspondent reports.

«The Health Ministry carried out the instructions of the Head of State aimed at stabilizing the epidemiological situation in the country regarding COVID-19 vaccination and revaccination,» said the Head of the Kazakh Health Ministry.

As of today, the country sees the COVID-19 situation stabilize. The country's COVID-19 tally exceeds 1.3 million. 98% of the total number of people affected by the disease have defeated it. 8,350 patients are receiving treatment for COVID-19. All areas of Kazakhstan are in the «green zone» for COVID-19. The country registered up to 10 cases a day which is in line with the optimistic scenario.

The Minister noted that the stabilization of the COVID-19 situation has been achieved thanks to the effectiveness of the measures taken to prevent the COVID-19 spread, including the ongoing vaccination and revaccination drive.

As of today, 83% of the eligible adult population or 54% of Kazakhstan's population have received the first component of COVID-19 vaccines, and 80% of the eligible population or 52% of the country's total population the second component. 55% of the eligible population have been administered COVID-19 booster shots.

Up to 23 thousand people get COVID-19 vaccines and 27 thousand booster shots in Kazakhstan. The country's regions have over 4.8 million doses of vaccines at their disposal.

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