COVID-19: Almaty herd immunity stands at 56.5%
30 November 2021 15:10

COVID-19: Almaty herd immunity stands at 56.5%

ALMATY. KAZINFORM «Today’s COVID-19 herd community in Almaty of 56.5% is insufficient,» deputy head of the sanitary and epidemiological control department of Almaty Assel Kalykova said.

She stressed the need to get vaccinated against coronavirus. There are 132 vaccination sites around the city.

«The herd immunity hits 56.5% that is 48.4% of vaccinated and 8.1% of those who recovered from coronavirus. The share of coronavirus cases since the start of the vaccination campaign made 0.3% or 3,151 people,» she noted.

She resumed that vaccination and revaccination may help reduce spikes in coronavirus cases.

People aged 20-39 account for the main part of all coronavirus cases up to 27.9% , aged 40-59 account for 27.6%, people aged 60 and older account for 22.3%.

In a conclusion she urged all to avoid crowded places due to the emergence of the new Omicron strain.