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Chinese popular magazine devotes several page spreads to Dimash

19 May 2017 18:43 3248
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Chinese popular magazine devotes several page spreads to Dimash

ASTANA. KAZINFORM China's popular glossy magazine "Easy" has devoted several spreads to Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen. Its latest issue contains close-up pictures of the singer, according to @dimash_alpanda, the singer fans' Instagram account.

In addition, the fan group has posted a small fragment of the interview to Easy magazine:

- What things do you usually bring when you are out and about?
- The keys.

- Is anything disturbing you these days?
- Nothing can disturb me.

- Do you need an alarm to wake you up?
- I'd like to have somebody who could help me with it.

- Which of the gifts you received impressed you best of all?
- Each one.

- Your favorite phrase?
- All words.

- What track did you listen last?
- Michael Jackson - Beat It.

- What do you usually do before going to bed?
- I pray for my security.

- Which part of your body you are most happy with?
- I feel uncomfortable to answer the question! I won't tell you.

- What was your childhood dream?
- To become a prominent singer.

- Do you have any other skills you haven't demonstrated to us?
- There are lots of them.........ha-ha-ha, I'm kidding. In future you will know everything over time.


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