By 2025 Kazakhstan, ahead of schedule, will join top 30 leading countries of the world - Int'l group of experts
18 December 2013 16:53

By 2025 Kazakhstan, ahead of schedule, will join top 30 leading countries of the world - Int'l group of experts

ASTANA.December 18. KAZINFORM - By 2025 Kazakhstan ahead of schedule will enter the top 30 leading countries of the world, rising to 24th place in the global rating. This has been announced today at the presentation of the monograph tilted "Kazakhstan- 2050", to new heights " at the National Press Club by the officials of the international group of experts from the Institute of Economic Strategies of Russian Academy of Sciences, Professors Alexander Ageev and Robin Matthews.

Speakers noted that the international group of experts from the UK, Germany, USA, Switzerland and other countries on the basis of the Institute for Economic Strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences annually developed global integrated power rating of 100 countries in the world, available in English, Russian and Chinese. And, unlike most of the world rankings, it is based only on certain criteria of economic indicators.

"Global ranking is based on the integrated power advanced mathematical models and takes into account economic indicators in addition to all the factors of "hard"and "soft" power of states, including political stability, foreign policy, national security, prestige and influence of government leaders, their initiatives in the field of international relations. According to research in 2013 Kazakhstan ranks 34th", noted A.Ageev.

According to Mr. Ageev, Kazakhstan has made significant progress in economic development, established as a stable and sovereign state. Kazakhstan's success is especially the personal merit of the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The results of 22 years of development of Kazakhstan are full-scale reforms in all spheres of society.

"Strategic planning is one of the most important conditions for sustained and successful development of the state. At the initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been developed and is being implemented a long-term strategy called "Kazakhstan- 2050", with the main objective for Kazakhstan to join top 30 developed countries.

According to the degree of positive influence on all spheres of life, the depth and specific goals of Strategy -2050 do not have analogues in the world. This is the know-how of modern Kazakhstan, which leads the country in the list of potential leaders of the XXI century. According to our research Kazakhstan by 2025 in the global ranking of integration might rise immediately by 10 positions and will take 24th place", said the professor.

During the presentation R.Matthews said that Kazakhstan had demonstrated strong economic performance, reached the international level in the fields of medicine, science and education, realized fair social policy and a number of international peacekeeping projects. Over recent years, Kazakhstan has demonstrated the positive trend on key indicators of various world rankings. All these achievements show the great potential of Kazakhstan .

R.Matthews also noted that, as shown by research results, ideas and goals of Nursultan Nazarbayev had become the national values ​​of all Kazakhs. They are firmly rooted in the public consciousness and became the basis of the Kazakh lifestyle.

""Kazakhstan -2030" Strategy has been adopted previously and implemented. According to the analysis, Kazakhstan has all chances to reach the main goal of "Kazakhstan -2050" Strategy, that is entering the top 30 leading countries of the world. According to our forecasts and estimates, while maintaining the existing dynamics it might take place by 2025", said R.Matthews.