British MP Daniel Kawczynski shares impressions of observing early parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan

Temirgaliyeva Arailym
24 March 2023, 13:32

British MP Daniel Kawczynski shares impressions of observing early parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM British MP Daniel Robert Kawczynski shared his impressions of being an observer at the Majilis and maslikhat elections held in Kazakhstan on March 19, Kazinform reports.

Appointed by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Kazakhstan, Daniel Kawczynski says it was his first visit to Kazakhstan. During the visit, he saw a tolerant society that respects various religions and peoples. He witnessed the dynamic development of Astana, skyscrapers, business drive, clean streets and well-organized society with great potential.

In his opinion, countries like Kazakhstan and Mongolia possessing significant reserves of mineral wealth and rare earth metals will become the new Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in terms of wealth. «Building strong and mutually respectful relations with Kazakhstan and Mongolia is absolutely important for our Government,» he adds.


Daniel Kawczynski says he was impressed with the level of organization of the elections in Kazakhstan. He plans to submit a number of recommendations to the British MPs in his report.

The first recommendation is to attract doctors and nurses to the ballot stations, since «Kazakh Government realizes it is quite risky for senior citizens, pregnant women and other vulnerable groups to go to the ballot stations amid slippery conditions on streets».

The second recommendation, in his words, is to hold the elections on Sunday when people have time to cast their votes. British elections are held on Thursdays, when people are busy at work and feel stress because they cannot find time for voting, he adds.

The British observer was also impressed with the number of independent candidates, women and young people running for the seats in the Majilis and maslikhats.


Daniel Kawczynski says that President Tokayev is an experienced diplomat enjoying respect at the global level. According to the British MP, Tokayev implements the reforms called to reboot the system of checks and balances between the President and the Parliament.

The British observer says the elections were fair, open and transparent.

He says he saw 20-25 observers at each ballot station, pointing out that each polling station was decorated with the National Flag and National Emblem. «I believe that it is very important to have a national flag and a national emblem at ballot stations so that the voters can realize the significance of what they are doing,» he added.

«But the most exciting moment for me was when, after the voting ended, all those present sang the National Anthem of Kazakhstan. The words of the national anthem are poignant and people sang it with dignity. I've never seen this before and I'm fascinated by it,» he concluded.


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