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Brazil reports 241.7 thousand new jobs in February

Nurmaganbetova Zhanna
31 March 2023, 07:16

Brazil reports 241.7 thousand new jobs in February Photo: Agencia Brasil

BRASILIA. KAZINFORM A total of 241,785 jobs were created nationwide in February, Brazil’s Ministry of the Economy reported. The number represents the gap between admissions and dismissals.

The figures show a significant surge against the amount of posts created in January (84,571) and a 26.4 percent slump against February 2022—when 328,507 new formal openings were generated, Agencia Brasil reports.

Four of the five sectors surveyed saw a surplus in formal positions in February. The ranking was topped by services, with the opening of 164,200 posts, followed by construction, with 40,380, industry (manufacture, extraction, among others) with 22,246, and farming, with 16,284.

Pressured by the closing of temporary positions typical of the early months of the year, commerce was the only to see a deficit, as it reported 1,325 formal posts fewer last month.

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