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Brazil launches organ, tissue donation campaign

29 September 2022, 11:34
Brazil launches organ, tissue donation campaign

BRASILIA. KAZINFORM Brazil’s Ministry of Health has launched a campaign on the donation of organs and tissues. Under the theme Superar, amor para recomeçar («To overcome, love to start anew»), the move aims to encourage the discussion of the issue among family members. The Brazilian law stipulates that the family must authorize organ donation, therefore it is important that the donors’ intention is known to relatives.

«Brazil is special in many ways. Family members need to reiterate and agree [on the donation] even if a decision has been made individually, but this only underscores the greatness of Brazilian families and how much the organ and tissue donation program needs to be praised everyday,» said Bruno Dalcomo, substitute health minister. In his address, he noted that the country holds the title of having the world’s largest public transplant program, Agencia Brasil reports.

Last year, the campaign sought to promote conversation among family members and increase the amount of donations. Now, the ministry aims at the importance of the relatives knowing about the individual’s willingness to donate organs and authorizing the donation. They are the ones who have the final say.

The initiative will be broadcast on TV, radio, outdoor media in busy areas, web portals, and social networks. As it stands today, more than 59 thousand people are in line for an organ, including those waiting for a cornea. In 2022 alone an average of 45 percent of families did not consent to the donation.

Brazil is the second nation in the world in the number of transplants, which are guaranteed under its national public healthcare system SUS. In 2021, an estimated 23.5 thousand procedures were conducted—of which approximately 4.8 thousand were kidney, 2 thousand liver, 334 heart, and 84 lung transplants. Countrywide, 633 hospitals are allowed to carry out transplants.


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