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Brazil announces bill to equalize salaries of men and women

9 March 2023, 14:04
Brazil announces bill to equalize salaries of men and women Photo:

BRASILIA. KAZINFORM - On International Women's Day, celebrated this Wednesday (Mar. 8), President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva officially sent a bill to promote equal pay for men and women who perform the same function. The text foresees measures for companies to make salary policy more transparent and to expand inspection and combat against wage discrimination, Agencia Brasil reports.

International Women's Day celebrations will be marked by the announcement of a series of actions of the Brazilian government that directly promote women's rights.

Another text under analysis by the House of Representatives is Bill No. 111/23, authored by Representative Sâmia Bomfim this year, which makes it mandatory to equalize salaries between men and women who perform identical functions or hold identical positions.

A survey carried out in 2019 by the government´s statistic agency IBGE showed that women earn less than men in all occupations analyzed. Even with a drop in wage inequality between 2012 and 2018, female workers earn, on average, 20.5 percent less than men in Brazil.

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