«Bolashak» plant sulphur to be exported to world market
19 April 2013 17:40

«Bolashak» plant sulphur to be exported to world market

ATYRAU. April 19. KAZINFORM - Sulphur to be generated from the associated gas after the start of oil production at Kashagan field from "Bolashak" plant will be exported to the world market, as reported by Daniyar Erenchinov, the Chairman of the Committee for Environmental Regulation and Control for the Environmental Protection Ministry.

According to him public fears around the "Bolashak" plant huge reserves of sulphur occurrence as it has been in the Tengiz deposit are untimely.

"Currently sulphur is in great demand in foreign countries. It is one of the main export commodities of Kazakhstan. With the proper marketing involving the companies processing lump or granular sulphur this issue will be resolved in the near future", said Dmitry Erenchinov.

It bears to remind that at the stage of experimental-industrial development of Kashagan deposit which begins in June of this year, it is planned to produce 75 thousand barrels of oil per day. Then this volume is expected to reach 370 thousand barrels of oil per day.

After commissioning the facilities of the associated gas injection back into the reservoir oil production will increase to 450 thousand barrels per day. At the peak of Kashagan deposit production the extraction of oil per day will be up to one and a half million barrels.