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Ballet dancers talk about how to congratulate women on March 8

6 March 2023, 22:30
Ballet dancers talk about how to congratulate women on March 8 Photo:

ASTANA. KAZINFORM With spring approaching, International Women’s Day is near. Men are beginning to think about how to please their ladies and what to give them on March 8. Astana Opera’s ballet dancers, who every day work with ballerinas – the personification of female beauty, answered the questions: «Do they feel the approach of spring?» and «What special gift did they have for their female co-workers, who are probably not so easy to please?», Kazinform learned from Astana Opera press office.

Yerkin Rakhmatullayev, Astana Opera’s principal dancer, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan:

«Looking at the weather, it seems that spring is still far away. However, it is no longer as cold as before, and the sun shines brighter, which is a special symbol of this time of year. Nevertheless, the approach of March 8 – International Women’s Day, and Nauryz is felt. Essentially, March is a month that warms the heart.»


«Although I will not reveal all the secrets now, I can say that we congratulate our stage partners, the beautiful half of our ballet company, on March 8 every year. To do this, we appoint two guys from the ballet company as organizers. To create a festive atmosphere, we set the table, but so that this wonderful day does not turn into an ordinary feast, we prepare small concert numbers. Who said that ballet dancers can only dance? We sing and play instruments for our girls. In a word, on this day, men demonstrate all their talents. Usually, it is very noisy and fun. However, I think the greatest gift in life is caring. Speaking of the International Women’s Day, no matter how trite it may sound, I would advise giving women a bouquet of flowers on this holiday and surround them with attention, which they so often lack.»

Astana Opera’s principal dancer Arman Urazov:

«As artists, we are especially inspired when spring arrives. With the onset of this wonderful time of the year, not only nature is renewed, but people also become happier and brighter, as if they have returned to life. My wife is also a ballerina. She has special values, she never asks me for a gift, but tells me: «I only want you to be healthy.» Still, I believe that women need to be given gifts, having your feelings towards them expressed, even if they do not ask for it. This is an important part of life – to create a festive atmosphere and dilute the dullness of everyday life with bright colors. And March 8 is the most suitable day for this – it is as fragrant, tender and beautiful as our wonderful ladies. On this day, we will try to please our beloved mothers, spouses, sisters. Nowadays, if you have money, you can buy any ready-made gift in a store, but I think that a gift made by yourself will cost a thousand times more. You can also make Women’s Day memorable by inviting them to a restaurant or a theatrical performance.»


Serik Nakyspekov, Astana Opera’s ballet soloist:

«I spend most of my time in rehearsal studios, preparing for performances. I rarely walk down the street and, to be honest, I didn’t even notice the spring approaching. However, the thought that it is already March and the warm season is just around the corner: migratory birds will fly in, streams will run and grass will peek out from under the snow, pleases my heart. I am full of emotion and in high spirits. We guys are preparing in advance, we need to find time between daily rehearsals and performances in order to adequately congratulate our colleagues on the first spring holiday – International Women’s Day!»


«On this wonderful day, we recite poetry and play various interesting games. This holiday has become a tradition for us. I think that this year we will not stand aside and will continue it. I advise all men not to wait for women to remind them that today is their day, but to prepare and give them a gift in the morning so that they are in high spirits all day.»

Thus, we learned how ballet dancers congratulate ballerinas on International Women’s Day. It does not matter what gift you give to your girlfriends, spouses and mothers who light up the world with their beauty, kindness and tenderness, the main thing is that the words of wishes and congratulations are sincere and touch their hearts! In turn, we remind you that on March 8 and 9, Astana Opera invites residents and guests of the capital to attend the world choreographic masterpiece – Roland Petit’s ballet Notre Dame de Paris to Maurice Jarre’s music, which will certainly give you unforgettable emotions.

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