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28 May 2010 12:27
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Baizak Batyr Mambetuly (1789-1864) is a batyr (hero), the organizer and active participator of Kazakh national liberation struggle against pressure of Kokand Leaders and Russian colonial policy. He was born in Dulat clan of Senior Zhuz.

Under auspices of Sultan Rustem Asphendiyarov Baizak Batyr joined an uprising against the Kokand conquerors. The uprising was brutally supressed, but authoritative Baizak Mambetuly was nominated for the post of datka (administrative position in Kokand khanate). Baizak extensively supported Kazakh interests, aspired to conduct independent policy. He became reliable fellow soldier for sultan Kenessary Kassymov during the fight for freedom and independence. His soldiers together with the troops of Kenessary Kassymov, occupied a number of Kokand forts. Also he participated in liberation of Sozak region.

Baizak batyr led the uprising of Kazakh and Kyrgyz people against Kokand York in 1858 years. With his troops he participated in fights against forces of Kolpak General near Almaty in Usyganshe. Till now residents of Taraz city use the 160 km passageway which was excavated under his control. By the Kokand governor's order datka Baizak batyr was shot. His bones were buried in Caryarka region on the Talas river coast.

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