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Atyrau to build mental health center
12 August 2022 08:30

Atyrau to build mental health center

ATYRAU. KAZINFORM «A 250-bed mental health center will be built in Atyrau», director of the Atyrau regional mental health center Yeldos Kdrsikhov said.

He stressed the number of patients with psychological and behavioral disorders grew by 0.35 as compared to the previous year. The narcological registration of monitoring of patients decreased by 3.3%.

He also added that the centre provides psychological, correctional and medical and psychological assistance. A child psychiatrist, a psychiatrist, an applied behavioral analysis practitioner, a special education teacher, and a speech therapist work there.

As all the buildings of the in-patient psychiatric facility are in the state of emergency it was decided to build a new one. Its designing estimates are being developed.

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