Atyrau building 11 kindergartens

Zhanna Nurmaganbetova
19 May 2022, 15:09

Atyrau building 11 kindergartens

ATYRAU. KAZINFORM 11 kindergartens for 2,930 kids are being built in Atyrau city. Most of them are built through PPPs, Kazinform reports.

«9 kindergartens for 2,610 children are constructed through the PPPs. The large oil companies started the construction of two more children’s educational facilities to welcome 320 kids,» deputy head of the construction department of Atyrau region Nurbergen Kussainov said.

Great attention is attached to the development of sports infrastructure. 8 sports centers are under construction in Zharsuat, Koktogai, Tushukuduk, Sagyz villages, a central stadium in Kulsary town, a central stadium in Miyaly, and 3 sports halls for 53 people in the city of Atyrau.

Besides, 5 cultural centres for 1,300 seats are being built at the expense of the local budget.

The regional and city archives and the Peace and Accord Palace will be constructed in the city.

As earlier reported, the construction of 16 many-storeyed houses will complete this year.

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