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22 December 2016 15:28
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The motto of the Universiade-2017 is "Spread Your Wings" which calls young athletes to scale the heights of adult sport.

The logo of the Universiade contains the letter U which is a mandatory element of the symbolic of any sport event held under the FISU aegis.

Универсиада_1 The logo of the Universiade-2017 is designed in the shape of a winged letter "U" which has a well-defined dynamic form from the left to the right and upwards manifesting growth and attainment of high peaks.
Универсиада_2 Falcon is the official mascot of the 28th World Winter Universiade-2017 in Almaty
Traditionally the mascot of the Universiade is associated with an animal in the state language of the host country. The Kazakh translation of "falcon" - "sunkar" - is easily read and pronounced in other languages. Falcon gives positive perception and reflects the young, open-hearted and purposeful character of the mascot.

Flame is the main attribute of the Torch Relay, a portable device which keeps the flare burning continuously in the open air no matter the weather conditions.
During the Olympic Torch Relay light-weight torches able to keep bright and safe flame in low temperatures will be used.

Универсиада_3 The Flame conforms to the FISU requirements. According to the Concept, the Flame is relayed, hand to hand, by torchbearers.
Универсиада_4 The Universiade award medals have classic style and are made of the metal alloy imitating gold, silver, and bronze. The medals are coined at Kazakhstan Mint. The ribbon carries the Universiade logo. The set of winner medals of the 28th World Winter Universiade in Amaty consists of gold, silver, and bronze medals. In total 86 medal sets will be contested in 12 sports.
The design of all medals is identical: a circle 80mm in diameter and 6 mm thick. In the center of the obverse of the medal is the 50mm diameter circle containing U-shaped students' sport emblem, five stars and the FISU abbreviation. Around the central circle is the event name "XXVIII WINTER UNIVERSIADE" and the venue " ALMATY 2017". On the periphery around the exterior circle are the symbolic elements of winter: coniferous branches, ski and skates. The background of the circle is smooth. The projecting part has matte surface. Some parts of the images outside the central circle are covered with sienna, yellow, blue, dark-blue and green enamels.

In the center of the reverse of the medals is the emblem of the 28th World Winter Universiade- the winged letter "U", inscription "XXVIII WINTER UNIVERSIADE" and five stars positioned in one line.

By means of the mounting bracket the medal is attached to the blue ribbon having the inscription and ornament. In the bottom the ribbon is clamped by a metal ring.

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