Astana Opera: Not only children but also adults to learn theatrical crafts

Nurmaganbetova Zhanna
20 February 2023, 11:44

Astana Opera: Not only children but also adults to learn theatrical crafts

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Teaching theatrical crafts not only to children but also to adults will begin in the capital. Enrolment for courses in clothing design and woodcarving starts at Astana Opera. Now anyone, regardless of age, will be able to master exclusive skills, revealing their creative potential under the guidance of experienced teachers from among the opera house staff.

A little over a year ago, as part of the work of the Art-Sport portal, Astana Opera opened children’s creative study groups of various types: Painting; Patchwork; Clothing Design, Cutting and Sewing; Woodcarving, Kazinform quotes Astana Opera’s Press Office.

Schoolchildren of different ages attend classes with their favorite teachers with pleasure, absorbing the atmosphere of the opera house. Moreover, some of them have already decided to continue the work of their artisan teachers. During this time, the children participated in several exhibitions of their work. Their parents share their rave reviews.

«For more than a year now, my daughter has been attending the Clothing Design, Cutting and Sewing study group as part of the Art-Sport program. She started classes from the study group launch, so we saw how the team was preparing, and the material base for the start of classes. Everything was at the highest level. Children are engaged in a specially designated, light and spacious room with new sewing equipment. The opera house provides everything necessary for cutting and sewing. They have already mastered the work with a sewing machine, overlocker and hand sewing techniques. At home, the collection of toys, products and items of clothing created by the hands of the child is growing little by little. And we are very happy about this!» Umut Magzumova says. «The very atmosphere of the opera house is worth a special mention: children see dressing rooms, rehearsals of opera and ballet performances, artists, and they get acquainted with the history of theatrical costumes.»

Last year, the platform for per capita financing of state creative and sports orders provided an opportunity to significantly expand work with children in the opera house.

Previously, only ballet and choir studios operated at Astana Opera. Now theatrical crafts are actively developing, which turned out to be very interesting for children. In this regard, we are expanding the number of groups, adding commercial ones, opening sections of arts and crafts for adults,» Nazim Zhailaubayeva, the head of the studio, says. «Creative self-expression is important not only for children and adolescents, adults need it no less. Therefore, we are ready to provide an opportunity to realize your potential, escape daily affairs and worries, and spend your leisure time interestingly and usefully.»

Classes in the Clothing Design, Cutting and Sewing study group are conducted by an experienced patternmaker and draper of theatrical costumes Aigul Ryspayeva, who works in the Astana Opera Costume Shop. Woodcarving is taught by a craftsman-propmaker with more than 20 years of experience, Yerzat Yelshibayev.

«Woodcarving is a type of arts and crafts that includes various types of artistic processing of wood, including sawing, turning, and burning,» Yerzat Yelshibayev says. «It is not very difficult to master these skills. We have machines, special equipment and tools at our disposal with which you can create decorative elements for your home interior, fulfill your creative impulses and enjoy the exciting process.»


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