Astana Opera: Ballet welcomes spring

Nurmaganbetova Zhanna
24 February 2023, 12:14

Astana Opera: Ballet welcomes spring

ASTANA. KAZINFORM World choreographic gems, brought together in an engrossing Ballet Evening program, will be presented to the residents and guests of the capital on March 5 at Astana Opera. The best numbers from classical and modern ballets, as well as Raimondo Rebeck’s one-act production How Long Is Now? await the viewers.

In the gala ballet, choreographic art connoisseurs will see the Black Swan Pas de Deux from Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake performed by Sofia Adilkhanova, for whom this will be a debut, and Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Yerkin Rakhmatullayev, Kazinform refers to the Astana Opera’s Press Office.

Anastasia Zaklinskaya and Dias Kurmangazy will perform for the first time the duet from Roland Petit’s ballet Carmen to Georges Bizet’s music. Incidentally, the benchmark performances of the part of Carmen belong to the world ballet primas Zizi Jeanmaire and Altynai Asylmuratova.

Anastasia Zaklinskaya, who is preparing for her debut, notes that, according to the plot of the ballet, her heroine is a passionate, freedom-loving and somewhat calculating gypsy, who is used to always being the center of attention.


«Each performer brings their own take to this part, and gives Carmen a slightly different character, adding different colors to the portrayal. It is still difficult to say how I see my heroine, since we have just begun to get acquainted with our stage characters. Nevertheless, it seems to me that she does not hide any evil within herself. There is no deceit and falsehood in her. I think she is eccentric and always follows her desires and passions, without thinking about the consequences,» the soloist says.

The Gala Ballet program also includes exciting numbers The Old Photograph choreographed by Dmitry Bryantsev performed by Nazira Zayetova and Alexander Kornilov, Zhanuarlar from Patrick de Bana’s ballet The Call of the Steppe interpreted by Nima Tokov, Ruslan Kanagat, Islam Kaipbai. Shugyla Adepkhan and Serik Nakyspekov will present a duet from Aram Khachaturian’s ballet Spartacus, and the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Madina Unerbayeva and Arman Urazov will perform Roland Petit’s Thaïs.

The culmination of the gala will be the famous Pas de Deux from Ludwig Minkus’ ballet Don Quixote performed by the Honored Workers of Kazakhstan Anel Rustemova and Bakhtiyar Adamzhan. Amina Kissembayeva (debut) and Aizhan Kazhybayeva will perform the insert variations.


In the second part of the new spring program, the ballet How Long Is Now? by contemporary German choreographer Raimondo Rebeck will be featured for the viewers. The well-known ballet master staged this exclusive production especially for the Astana Opera Ballet Company. The plot of the ballet is imbued with a deep philosophical meaning: under the author’s close attention is time, which in different life situations is difficult to measure and evaluate. Sometimes a moment lasts an eternity, and, by contrast, infinity is akin to a moment. Ballet soloists will reflect on this difficult topic with the help of dance: the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Aigerim Beketayeva, Assel Shaikenova, Nazira Zayetova, Olzhas Tarlanov, Daler Zaparov, Daniyar Zhumatayev. For the first time, Sultanbek Gumar will perform the part of Time.

«My hero is not a concrete person, but an abstract substance. He moves, puts everything in its place and does not wait for anyone. My task is to convey this state. Time leads the performance from beginning to end, acting as a narrator, connecting all the lines in the production. He also talks about very complex topics that we rarely think about in everyday life: the importance of time in a person’s life, the value of every minute. He conveys to the audience that time is a limited resource that is given to everyone. However, we do not know how much is measured to us, so we must cherish our loved ones and every moment of our life,» the performer emphasizes.

According to the dancer, he really likes the production, as well as his part, which ties the ballet together.

«We are preparing very carefully, as we have to perform a multifaceted ballet, which is full of duets and trios. How Long Is Now? is staged in modern choreography and is full of joint scenes,» the dancer says.

It is worth noting that the Ballet Evening, which marks the long-awaited spring, will be a good opportunity to get in touch with high art, to appreciate the brilliant numbers of world and modern choreography performed by both recognized masters of the stage arts and up-and-coming youth of the Astana Opera Ballet Company.


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