Astana Opera: A dedication to the steppe genius

Nurmaganbetova Zhanna
20 March 2023, 14:16

Astana Opera: A dedication to the steppe genius Photo:

ASTANA. KAZINFORM In anticipation of the bright holiday of Nauryz, Qurmanghazy – Rukhty Sazdyn Sardary concert took place with great success at Astana Opera at the Kulyash Baiseitova Chamber Hall. The musical evening was dedicated to the work of the legendary Kazakh composer Qurmanghazy Saghyrbaiuly, the founder of the dombyra school, the creator of the author’s performing style, who had a great influence on the development of Kazakh folk musical culture.

The wonderful atmosphere of the evening was complemented by the sincere, high spirits of the audience. The viewers warmly welcomed famous kuishi and young instrumentalists. The well-known kuishi, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Professor Zhangali Zhuzbai, helped the listeners to get into the spirit of the work of the great composer Qurmanghazy, by speaking in detail about the difficult life and deep human values of the steppe genius, Kazinform refers to the Astana Opera’s press service.

Kui Atasy opened the concert. Zhyr shashu, performed by aqyn, winner of the Altyn Dombyra Republican Aitys of Aqyns Yerkebulan Kainazarov. The audience in the hall applauded the beloved by all composition Aida Bulbul, Aizhan-ai by Qurmanghazy, which was softly, sincerely and at the same time deeply presented by the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Aitzhan Toktagan.


Overall, the program included different kyuis by Qurmanghazy from Aqbai and Baizhuma to Qairan Sheshem, Kurenshe, Arba Soqqan and Terisqaqpai. It is known that many of his kyuis were like a poetic motto that raised the freedom-loving spirit of the Kazakh people, a great epic of national history, written in the language of melodies. The core motives in his work are the liberation of the people and the freedom of the individual.

Along with Qurmanghazy’s kyuis, Abiken Khassenov’s Qonyr was offered to the audience. The work was masterfully performed by the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Galym Akhmedyarov, whose instrumental interpretation was musically exceptional, expressive, causing a storm of applause from the audience.


The Honored Workers of Kazakhstan Orynbai Duissen, Turar Alipbayev, Abylgazy Akhmadiyev, Madeniyet Kairatkeri Marat Nukeyev, Madeniyet Salasynyn Uzdigi Yedil Basygarayev, Bakhytzhan Duissengazinov, Kairat Aitbayev, Almat Saizhan, Batyrlan Abenov, Zhumabek Kadyrkulov and republican competitions laureates Akzhusan Imangazykyzy, Bauyrzhan Mukhametbai, Bauyrzhan Bekmukhanbet, Abylaikhan Ormanbek and others gave brilliant performances at the Kulyash Baiseitova Chamber Hall stage.

The musicians introduced dombyra art lovers to the works of Zhantore, Islambek Iskakov, Nurgissa Tlendiyev, Akhat Baibosynov, Manarbek Yerzhanov and others. The instrumental skill of the performers conveyed the majestic spirit of the Kazakh steppe. Many works were filled with profound lyrical feelings that everyone sitting in the hall could keenly sense.

«It was a truly soulful concert. It is wonderful that the opera house holds such evenings. We have learned a lot of new, interesting facts from the life of the legendary Kazakh composer Qurmanghazy Saghyrbaiuly. He had a rare musical soul and an enormous musical talent. He is certainly considered an instrumentalist of the first magnitude in our country,» Dinara Iskakova, a listener, noted after the end of the concert.

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