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23 October 2009 17:05
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Asset Naimanbaiuly (1867-1922) is a famous Kazakh poet-improviser, composer. He was born in Aul Nr. 8 of Temirshi volost in Karkaraly uezd on the territory of present Aktogay municipality of Karaganda region.

He received elementary education in Zeinolla Imam Madrasah. In madrasah Asset studied Arabian language and eastern poetry. When he was 14-15 years old he began his creative activity as a composer and singer. He is known as a poet. Asset was famous and respected in his time due to his songs.

He not only improvised songs but composed music. His songs and melodies are widely spread among people. They are: 'Asset', 'Kismet', 'Yrgakty', 'Ulken Ardak', 'Kishi Ardak', 'Yerkem-Ai', 'Inzhu-Marzhan', 'Karakoz', 'Shama', 'Kaishakbay' and others.

He demonstrated his art in many contests. He was considered to be a strong akin-improviser. His talent was fully disclosed in the contests with such akins as Karibay, Baktybay, Kali, Samat, Arip and Malike. The aitys with Yryszhan is considered to be one of the best in Kazakh prerevolutionary literature.

The national-liberation movement of 1916 in Kazakh steppes was understood him as a common outburst into the future. Political events of 1916 influenced on further development of his poetic and musical gift, he had to leave his native land and move to China.

October revolution of 1917 brought him hope to return to his native land but this dream was not destined to come true. He died in Kuldzha city in 1923.

In his creations he always praised love to life, fervent affection to his native land and people. Exact reflection of nomadic way of life is peculiar to his songs and poems.

He continues and developed traditions of great akyns of Saryarka as Birzhan-Sal and Akan-Seri. Moreover he promoted spread of the songs from his land allover Semirechye, Tarbagatay and Altay.

Many his creations entered the music-poetic treasury of the Kazakh people. His songs are performed by modern professional singers in many regions of Kazakhstan.

His creations were published by S. Seifullin in 1925 for the first time. His first collection was issued in 1968 and covered 34 poems, 4 aityses, 4 kissa-datsans.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 1.

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