Another batch of medicines delivered to Nur-Sultan

Alzhanova Raushan
24 July 2020, 20:47

Another batch of medicines delivered to Nur-Sultan

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - Another batch of pharmaceuticals, used in the treatment of coronavirus, pneumonia and a number of other diseases, were delivered to Nur-Sultan, Kazinform reports citing the website of the city administration.

Additionally, about 120 thousand packages of medicines were delivered to the city including 32 thousand antiviral drugs, 31.5 thousand anticoagulants, etc. Thus, the city's pharmacies will be additionally supplied with such types of drugs as Xarelto, Cardiomagnyl, Azithromycin, Aspirin, Dexamethasone, Bromhexine, Veroshpiron, Slemoxin, Flemoklav, Oseltamivir, Ergoferon, Kagocel, Arbidol, Lavomax, Groprinosin, etc.


It is worth noting that since mid-July about 90 tons of medicines have been delivered to the city. Another batch of drugs is planned to be delivered on July 25.

Akimat allocates working capital to distributors of pharmacy chains for the purchase of medicines and provides assistance in transportation.

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