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Ancient table tombs found randomly in E Kazakhstan

24 October 2014 09:27
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ASTANA. KAZINFORM The East Kazakhstan region reports the second unexpected archeological finds for the last month. Workers of one of the private enterprises unearthed by chance the ancient tombs not far from Aktogai village, reports.

Construction works were suspended there so the Almaty archeologists could proceed carefully to diggings. 19 burial mounds were discovered there so far. Seven of them are dated back to the Late Bronze Age and the rest twelve to the Early Iron Age. Each of the burial mounds contains from one to four tombs. Scientists found there vases of the Bronze Age and arrowheads of the Iron Age, skeletons of people lying with their knees bent.

Archeological excavations will come to an end in a week.

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Zhanna Nurmaganbetova

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