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An unusual evening of traditional and contemporary choreography at Astana Opera

2 February 2023, 22:20
An unusual evening of traditional and contemporary choreography at Astana Opera

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Two worlds – the 19th and 20th centuries – are completely different and at the same time attractive with their events and discoveries. Reflection of eras can be traced in many art forms, but ballet, speaking the language of the plastique, most accurately conveys the trends of the time. A traditional 19th century ballet – Minkus and Deldevez’s Paquita in Petipa’s choreography, and a modern ballet from the 20th century – Jiří Kylián’s Sechs Tänze to Mozart’s music will be presented on February 5 at Astana Opera, Kazinform learned from the press service of Astana Opera.

Such a refined combination of ballet techniques and styles will allow the audience to observe, as if from a time machine, the capabilities of dancers of past centuries. The artistic director of the Astana Opera Ballet Company, People’s Artist of Russia Altynai Asylmuratova, always creates interesting programs that can shape the tastes of the public, enrich the audience with knowledge and give viewers wonderful emotions. Arman Urazgaliyev will conduct the Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra this evening.


The Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Anel Rustemova, international competitions laureate Olzhas Tarlanov, the Astana Opera Ballet Company, as well as students of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography will perform the Paquita Divertissement. This classical Grand Pas from the ballet Paquita to Ludwig Minkus’ music was first staged by Marius Petipa in 1881 as an additional scene to the 1847 production of Paquita.

«In our opera house, the premiere of this classical art masterpiece took place in 2016, where I also took part. It stands on a par with other ballets belonging to the classical gems of the Romantic Ballet genre, with a century-long history. Paquita can be called a ballet bestseller, which, like good literature, cultivates a taste in the audience. The production is different in that it can show the entire palette of classical dance. However, most of the dancers are especially attracted to the arm placement in the mazurka style. In my opinion, this adds grace and stateliness to the ballerina. In addition, in this ballet, there are many different variations from the old ballets – Petipa’s Trilby, Tsar Kandavl, The Little Humpbacked Horse, La Sylphide, Fokine’s Le Pavillon d’Armide, thanks to which each dancer will have an opportunity to demonstrate her skills. I like my solo variation because it has a lot of technical elements, including spins. And it is definitely important to accurately execute the famous coda, which includes 32 fouettés! Almost the entire corps de ballet and soloists are involved in this large-scale Grand Pas. Thus, the performance of Paquita is an indicator of the highest professional level of the ballet company,» Anel Rustemova said.


«My work in the Astana Opera Ballet Company began with the premiere of the ballet Paquita. This magnificent, festive performance is not so often presented in the billboard, therefore this is always a major cultural event for the dancers, as well the viewers. A filigree performance of the classical repertoire is always a big challenge, so we scrupulously prepare, rehearse and hope that we will be able to convey the Spanish style of this ballet,» Olzhas Tarlanov noted.

The palette of choreographic styles will change in the second part, where Jiří Kylián’s Sechs Tänze to Mozart’s music will be presented. This one-act ballet belongs to the «black and white» series of productions by the famous choreographer. The performances received such a characteristic because of the color scheme, as they have unusual design and abstract plot.

Unlike Paquita, where about thirty dancers are involved onstage, Kylián’s ballet shows minimalism in the number of characters, which is also a distinctive feature of this series of ballets. Kylián himself believes that a small number of performers allows the audience to better feel what is happening. Thus, in the production of Sechs Tänze, Adelina Tulepova will perform Karine. Bakhytgul Ispanova will take the stage for the first time as Carolina. Olzhas Tarlanov will present charismatic Paul, and Sultanbek Gumar will create a truly dramatic portrayal of Patrick. Daniyar Zhumatayev will present the mischievous and graceful Johan. Lisa – Moldir Shakimova, Urtzi – Serik Nakyspekov, Nancy – Madina Kuzhamzharova.


Incidentally, this ballet is also not long in duration, so the second part of the Gala will also feature the number An Old Photograph, in Dmitry Bryantsev’s choreography, performed by Alexander Kornilov and Nazira Zayetova (debut). The opera house’s exclusives, world choreographic gems – Leda and the Swan, choreographed by Roland Petit, will be presented by Anastasia Zaklinskaya and Zhanibek Akhmediyev, and Thaïs, also choreographed by the famous ballet master, will be performed by the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Madina Unerbayeva and Arman Urazov (debut).

The long period of time that has passed since the creation of the ballets featured in the program of the Gala does not impair the performances in any way, as if they were created just yesterday. This, undoubtedly, suggests that they will be understandable and interesting to the capital’s audience.

The Gala Ballet will begin at 5 pm.

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