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10 January 2010 19:07
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Amre Kashaubayev (1888-1934) was a famous Kazakh singer, actor and musician.

He was born in Abyralinsk municipality of East-Kazakhstan Oblast. He was from Tarakty stem of Middle Zhuz. He was 12 years old when his father moved to Semipalatinsk.

From the early childhood Amre worked at Isabek bai which took the young poet to different weddings and holidays where Amre performed his self-written songs. He acquainted with Satmagambet and Gaziz Aitbayevs from Karaotkel, Zhayau Musa and Kali Baizhanov from Bayanaul, Maira Ualikyzy from Kereku and Madi Baliuly from Karkaraly at the famous Koyandy fair.

In 1921-1924 he entered the educational community "Yes-Aimak". In 1925 taking part at V congress of Soviets of Kazakhstan in Kyzylorda and IV congress of Soviets in Moscow as a delegate, he also participated in the concert organized for the participants.

The same year he participated in ethnographic concert in Paris where he performed several songs as 'Agash Ayak', 'Kanapia', 'Ush Dos', 'Zhalgyz Arsha', 'Kos Balapan' and others, won the second place and a silver medal. Several French newspapers named his voice as the unique one.

He was the first singer to represent Kazakhstan abroad. In 1927 he performed several Kazakh songs at Moscow conservatory. He also took part in the concert held in German Frankfurt-am-Main. His songs received a high appraisal of such large experts of world culture as Romen Rollan, Anri Barbus and others.

His technical skill was highly appreciated by such experts of art as A. Lunacharsky, G. Lyubimov as well as outstanding representatives of Kazakh literature and art as M. Auezov, S. Seifullin. I. Baizakov, A. Margulan, Zh. Yelebekov, A. Zhubanov and K. Zhandarbekov.

In 1926 A. Kashaubayev was received to the troupe of opened Kyzylorda theatre where he performed the role of Zhapal in M. Auezov's tragedy "Yenlik - Kebek". Later he performed the roles of Koskeldy, Koishy, Zharas and Akyn in performances as "Karakoz", "Baibishe-Tokal" and "Aiman-Sholpan".

In 1934 he worked at Abay Kazakh Theater of Opera and Ballet. He died as a result of serious illness.

The regional philharmonic in Semipalatinsk received his name.

Source: Book "Historical Figures".

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