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2 October 2009 16:15
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Amanbay Tokanuly (1810-1865) is a famous hero and commander. He was born in Ulytau region (Karaganda region). According to the legends Amanbay was one of the splendid batyrs of XIX century which protected lands of Middle Zhuz.

A lot of legends prove his heroism and describe his feats against Kokand people. As is known warriors of Kokand khanate enslaved and robed not only Kazakh people but also those tribes and stems which lived on border territories.

Jailau and wintering of Amanbay batyr located near Karazhar settlement where Russian troop stayed to provide secure pass through of trade caravans from the Central Asia to Sibir. The given wintering was kind of a small fortress which now is named as "Amanbay's Fortress".

Another military campaign to Kokand khanate was headed by senior adjutant, staff office of Siberian Kazaks Solovtsev. Troops of Katybayev in Karazhar, two troops of Borodin in Kuly-Munly, Kazakh tribes and stems headed by Nuraly Abulkairov Sultan, Nurmakhan Berdikozhin and Erden Batyr took part in it. In these battles Amanbay Batyr demonstrated himself as quite a hero.

In 1864 he participated in Kuraltay held in Sarytorgay where honored people of the Small and Middle Zhuzes also participated in it.

The date of his death is unknown. He was buried in Ulytau municipality of Karaganda region. In 1946-1947 his fortress was studied by the Central-Kazakhstan Archeological Expedition headed by Alkey Margulan.

His descendants live in the region of present cities as Zhezkazgan and Satpayev and near Ulytau. One of the Zhezkazgan streets received his name.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 1.

K. Akhmetov. Book "Uly Dalannyn Ulytauy", Volume 2.

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