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Almaty to host final stage of Shertpe Kui Traditional Music Festival.

28 November 2022, 13:33
Almaty to host final stage of Shertpe Kui Traditional Music Festival.

ASTANA. KAZINFORM The final stage of the Shertpe Kui Traditional Music Festival will take place in Almaty on December 3, according to Daniyar Aliyev, representative of the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

«The festival was held from September 16 to 23 and brought together dombyra players aged 16-35. The results of the festival will be announced on December 3, in the city of Almaty. The main prize is 1mln tenge. 750,000 tenge will be awarded for the 1st place, 500,000 for the second place and 300,000 tenge for the third place,» Aliyev said at a briefing.

45 qualified dombyra players including Zhangali Zhuzbay, Seken Turyssbekov, Bilal Iskakov, Murat Abugazy and Batyrzhan Myktybayev will perform in the final concert.

The goal of the festival was to identify young gifted dombyra players, to upgrade their professionalism and to contribute to the development of national culture.

Shertpe kui is the kui performed by fingerpicking the strings of dombyra. The verb «shertu» is translated as «fingerpicking.» There are two leading styles in the culture of Kazakh dombra playing – «tokpe» (performed with joined fingers of the right hand, up and down the strings, sweepingly and energetically) which was born in western Kazakhstan and east Kazakhstani «shertpe» style. Shertpe traditions have developed over a vast territory - from Altai to Ulytau and on the shore of Syrdarya river. The bright representatives of «shertpe» style are Tattimbet Kazangapuly (1815-1862), Abiken Khassenov (1897-1958), Sugir Aliuly (1882—1961) and Magauya Khamzin (1927-200)

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