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Almaly district of Almaty city retains positive tendencies of development

1 November 2016 16:02
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 Almaly district of Almaty city retains positive tendencies of development

ALMATY. KAZINFORM Mayor of Almaly district of Almaty city Zhassulan Yestenov announced the results of the district's socio-economic development in January-September 2016. He reported also about the work conducted under the 100 Specific Steps National Plan on implementation of the President's Five Institutional Reforms, Nurly Zhol governmental programme and as part of celebration of the 25th anniversary of the country's independence, Kazinform correspondent reports.

At a briefing held in Almaty office of the Central Communications Service, Zh.Yestenov said that the district observes positive tendencies of development in real sector of economy and social sector. Thus, in 9 months of 2016, tax revenues made 194.5bln tenge (108% against the forecast).

The share of industrial output in the district comprises 19.2% against the citywide indicator. In 8 months of the current year, the industrial output of the district made 81.5bln tenge. Investments in fixed capital reached 40bln tenge that is 4.1% higher compared to the previous year. Retail turnover volume made 299bln tenge and increased by 22.4% against the same period in 2015. The district is attractive for opening administrative offices and restaurants that arouses interest among the promising investors.

"The number of SMEs functioning in the district rose by 8% compared to the last year and reached 16,177. The share of tax revenues from the SMEs in the region is 60.2%," Yestenov said.

In 2016, 32 enterprises of the district have been involved in implementation of the Business Road Map 2020 programme (17.9bln tenge). 14 businessmen have been issued preferential loans totaling 838.6mln tenge under the Zhibek Zholy (Silk Road) programme. Three enterprises - JSC ADZ, LLP Metalprom and LLP Saiman Corporation - have been included in the second 5-year stage of the Industrialization Programme.

Besides, 8 squares, 4 sport grounds and 3 children's yards are being repaired at the expense of the local budget.

6km of irrigation canals of the district are being overhauled presently. Repair works are carried out in 6 streets (1.9km) and on the sidewalks of 10 streets (3.6km).

Housing and utilities sector has always been in spotlight of the administration of the district, Yestenov says. 1,426 blocks of apartments and 3,495 private houses comprise the district's housing stock today. There are 133 ramshackle multi-apartment houses in the district. A 9-story block of apartments has been built in the district under a special programme of demolishing ramshackle buildings.

The district focuses also on employment issues in compliance with the Employment Road Map 2020 and Almaty City Development Programme. For instance, 715 people have been registered as unemployed since the year beginning. 282 of them (61 - young people) have been provided with jobs. The others were sent to youth practice (69 people) and 55 were provided with social jobs.

In the reporting period, the administration of the district spent 88mln tenge on providing financial support to low-income families, disabled people and pensioners.

According to Yestenov, there are 38 schools in the district with 28,030 children studying in them. The average UNT score of the district's school leavers makes 96,46%. 38 out of 48 school leavers were awarded with gold medals. 83 school students became the prizewinners of municipal and national Olympiads. 27 teachers of the district were awarded with the certificates of honour by Almaty Mayor.

26 public and 12 private kindergartens are functioning in Almaly district to date. 7,7131 children are attending them. 11 kindergartens (498 children) are working under the Balapan governmental programme . A new 120-seat kindergarten is under construction now.

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