Aktobe rgn sees growth in construction
13 June 2022 16:15

Aktobe rgn sees growth in construction

AKTOBE. KAZINFORM - Governor of Aktobe region Ondasyn Urazalin spoke of the social and economic development of the region over the years at a press conference at the Central Communication Service, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to the governor, the economic growth and job creation result in the betterment of the region's demographic indicators.

«As of today, over 900 thousand people live in the region, and over half a million in Aktobe city. The region is the largest in the country. Once used to be home to many people of non-indigenous nationality, the region's over 85% of the population are Kazakhs as represenatives of other nationalities left for their historic homeland,» said the governor.

Over the past years, the region has seen construction grow.

«Over the past three years, each year 1mln square meters of housing are constructed, with 1.2mln square meters of housing, the highest figure in the past five years, being built in 2021,» said Urazalin.

This year, there are plans to commission 1.3 million square meters of housing. 300 thousand square meters have been built in the first five months of this year.

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