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4 November 2009 11:15
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Aktan Akaiuly (1770-1854) is a batyr from Karakesek stem. He was a supporter of Zhankozha Batyr who headed a people's liberation uprising of Syrdarya Kazakh people against the oppression of Khiva and Kokand Khanates (the 1st half of XIX century) and colonial policy of Russia (1856-1857).

He was born in Kazaly municipality of Kyzylorda region in Tulkikashkan settlement.

Though Kazakh people were under the aegis of Russia after the dissolution of Khanate they were always subjected to the attack of Khiva and Kokand leaders. This hard period Zhankozha Batyr had to destroy the main causer of all wars, the Khiva fortress that was executed under leadership of Aktan Batyr.

In 20-30es of XIX century some Kazakh people who migrated to Syrdarya and Aral Sea banks fell into a position of dependence of Khiva and Kokand Khanates.

In 1835 Aktan Batyr forced Babazhan fortress on Syrdarya River and coast guard on Kuandariya River. In 1845 Zhankozha smashed Khiva troops (2 thousand people). In 1853 the Tsar administration set up a colonial regime on low Syrdarya that was the cause for mass disaffection. In 1856 Syrdarya Kazakh people raised a revolt headed by Zhankozha Batyr. Zhankala fortress was the center of the uprising.

The grave of Aktan Batyr is located at Tebensay settlement in Aktobe region.

Arykbalyk rural district was renamed into rural district of Aktan Batyr in Kyzylorda region.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 1.

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