Airdarts-2015: Kazakhstan team ranks 2nd (PHOTO)
11 August 2015 22:00

Airdarts-2015: Kazakhstan team ranks 2nd (PHOTO)

ASTANA. KAZINFORM The participants of Airdarts-2015 came back to their air bases. 57 teams representing four countries - Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and China on 104 planes and helicopters - applied for the competition. Russian pilots are leading in the team score. Kazakhstan is the second and Chinese team finished the third.

The event was categorized into ten nominations: attack aviation, fighter aviation, battle-field bombardment aviation, army aviation of transport combat helicopters, army aviation of combat helicopters, long-range aviation and military transport aviation. Besides, competitions for aerobatic display teams and single aerobatics crew were organized.

As the Defense Ministry's press service informs, Kazakhstan team performed in three nominations.

In Fighter aviation Kazakhstan team finished the 2nd on MIG-29 and 4th on SU-27 fighters.

In Army aviation of transport combat helicopters nomination Kazakh team on MI-8 became the 2nd.

In Attack aviation Kazakhstan was represented by one team on SU-25 aircraft and finished the 4th.

In general, Kazakhstan's team was awarded the second prize after Russia.

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