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Air Astana launches national recruitment drive as fleet expansion continues

2 November 2017 15:16 1914
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Air Astana launches national recruitment drive as fleet expansion continues

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Air Astana has plans for a large fleet expansion over the next ten years and this development needs to be matched by a significant increase in manpower. The airline is launching a major "Try on the Dream" recruitment campaign in Almaty today in order to start attracting new pilots, engineers, flight attendants and ground service agents from all over the country. The airline currently employs a total of 5,000 staff to support the existing operation of 31 aircraft on a network of 65 international and domestic routes, but with the fleet growing to 64 aircraft by 2027, the airline needs to significantly grow staff numbers, Kazinform has learnt from the company's press service

The airline has been operating a Ab-Intio pilot training programme for qualified cadets in Spain and Ireland since 2009, with almost 189 cadets having graduated and now flying with the airline as Captains and First Officers. The programme currently has an intake of 24 cadets per year, but this will be increased to 40 per year from 2018 onwards. The existing Air Astana Engineering and Technical Centre in Astana is also destined to grow significantly, with the aim of training 15 engineers qualified to international standards per year from 2018.

Air Astana is also looking to recruit a large number of new flight attendants to join the 1,100 currently working with the airline. Air Astana flight attendants need to speak three languages and be strongly committed to working as a team member in a calm and professional manner, which may be challenged in a crisis situation. Flight attendants receive introductory training in safety, crew work optimization, medical care and passenger service in Almaty and Astana, with this being followed by more advanced practical training with Condor in Germany and British Airways in the United Kingdom. These overseas courses include working in cabin simulators, fire prevention and survival skills on water.

"Air Astana is delighted to reach out to young people in Kazakhstan who are looking for an exciting and rewarding career in the aviation industry," said Peter Foster, President of Air Astana.

‘'Our training programs are offered entirely at the expense of the airline, with those successfully graduating receiving international approvals, certificates and licenses as well as guaranteed employment in Air Astana," said Yevgeniya Ni, Vice President Human Resources and Administration.



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