Abu Dhabi hosts first International Youth Forum
6 December 2019 21:20

Abu Dhabi hosts first International Youth Forum

ABU DHABI. KAZINFORM Abu Dhabi will play host to more than 250 delegates from non-Muslim countries at the first International Youth Forum, which begins tomorrow.

Hosted by the World Muslim Communities Council, WMCC, under the theme «Building Future Leaders: Commitment, Integrity and Innovation», the forum will focus on tolerance, WAM reports.

With this global academic initiative, the capital of the UAE will launch a major institutional initiative to enhance the role of Muslim youth in their societies as well as international forums.

The event will help the Muslim communities around the world deal with the multi-faceted challenges arising from national integration, preservation of the faith and social development.

Prominent policymakers, religious leaders and young achievers from around the world will share their insights on the challenges and opportunities of the Muslim communities. The delegates including community leaders, scholars, activists, artists, entrepreneurs and innovators, will envision new strategies, approaches and programmes for leadership development among young Muslims worldwide.

Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the WMCC, said, «We are glad to organise the International Youth Forum in Abu Dhabi as a global academic initiative at a time when the UAE is moving towards the culmination of the Year of Tolerance. This is in response to the demands of many leaders of institutions of Muslim communities in non-Muslim countries. The conference will empower the Muslim youth in these countries to take up leadership roles in their societies and stand for tolerance and peace in the world.»

There will be discussions on a variety of topics including future leadership development; community engagement, interfaith practice and social inclusion; building a new generation of Muslim leaders with innovation, entrepreneurship and philanthropy; inspiring future leadership with the stories of achievers; bringing up kids to be the next champions and leaders; how blockchain and Islamic Finance enhance financial inclusion; faith in the age of new media, and new approaches to Islamic jurisprudence, education and etiquette.

Al Nuaimi elaborated, «The future of the Muslim communities largely depends on young leaders’ commitment and capabilities to communicate, unify and mobilise the members for the common good of their nation and beyond. Therefore, it is imperative that potential leaders and promising talents among the young Muslims have opportunities and platforms to learn, develop and exchange their understanding, approaches, and practices of harmonising Islamic faith with new realities in today’s world. The youth is key to the future of peace and prosperity. Whoever cherishes the development of their youth, have made an investment.»

«In our time, the Muslim communities worldwide are faced with critical challenges in national integration, preservation of the faith and social development in an age of deepening globalisation and conflictual sentiments. One key to tackle those challenges is to develop leaders and cultivate talents among young Muslims in the area of civic education, community organising, cultural enrichment and knowledge renewal,» he said in conclusion.