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80 vaccination rooms open in Turkestan region

20 April 2021 15:00
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80 vaccination rooms open in Turkestan region

TURKESTAN. KAZINFORM «Turkestan region is taking the lead in birth rates in Kazakhstan. Since the beginning of the year it grew by 6.5%. Notably, infant mortality decreased by 27.7%,» head of the healthcare department Marat Pashimov said at its extended board meeting.

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Last year KZT 13.7 bln was channeled for improving healthcare in the region, 205 units of equipment were bought up to KZT 2.5 bln. 9 feldsher’s stations were built through PPPs. Five of them started their work. Besides, 122 vehicles were bought for emergency medical service.

Deputy Governor of the region Arman Sabitov, who chaired the meeting, focused on vaccination issues. The region ranks third in vaccination terms.

The chief doctor of the region set certain tasks. As stated there, the region has 80 vaccination rooms. Above 43,000 were vaccinated against COVID-19 so far.

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Zhanna Nurmaganbetova

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